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Organic Native & Exotic Seed
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As of 1st July 2013, W.A. Quarantine have been charging an Inspection Fee of $42.00 per 15 minutes to inspect parcels containing seeds, plants & organic material. To reduce the cost of this charge to customers, a number of W.A. orders will be posted together as a collective group every 2-3 weeks. A fee of $6.00 per order will cover extra packing time and quarantine charges.
Please Note:  Place your order in advance due to the possible delays. Thank you for your patience.


CROTALARIA (Crotalaria species) OGA  NOT TO WA   
Legume shrub to 2 metres with yellow flowers. Ideal in orchards or mixed plantings, soil improver & good mulch provider. Sow Spring-Summer.

GUAVA - Strawberry (Psidium littorale) OGA   NOT TO WA or TAS  
Bushy shrub to 3 metres. Shiny leather leaves, red round fruit in Autumn. Very hardy. Sow in Spring, fruits in 4 years. Excellent source of Vitamin C, delicious taste.

INDIAN CURRY TREE (Murraya koenigii) OGA  
Small evergreen shrub or tree to 5 metres. Strongly scented leaves used in curries, black berries edible. Fresh seed available February & March only.

Small legume tree to 6 metres, also known as Horse Tamarind. Suited to warm areas. Leaves, pods and flowers can be eaten. Dried seeds used as a coffee substitute. Use for soil improvements and cattle fodder. Sow Spring-Summer.

LEMON SCENTED TEA TREE (Leptospermum petersonii) OGA   NOT TO WA or TAS  
Small tree to 5m, lemon scented leaves. Attractive weeping habit, white flowers, bird, bee attractant. Sow Spring-Summer.

PIGEON PEA (Cajanus cajan) OGA  
2m shrub, yellow/red pea flowers, legume. Eat young pods green, seed cooked as dry beans, can ground into flour, Forage, fodder for animals, excellent soil improver, quick grower. Sow Spring-Autumn.


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Hertitage Seeds
These seed varieties have been passed on in a particular family over generations.

Corn Maize Project
We have noticed the availability of non-hybrid varieties becoming scarcer to find. At Greenpatch, we are working to do something about the serious decline of special heritage varieties. We have a number of varieties to re-introduce during the next couple of years, including sweet corn, maize & popcorn varieties. We are also looking for seed of non hybrid varieties that are pure. If you can help please contact us; or 02 6551 4240.



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