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Greenpatch Organic Seeds is a family owned business that was pioneering seeds and plants as certified organic in 1993. From the beginning Greenpatch has made a unique approach to not only selling seeds but growing seeds and plants organically onsite. We are dedicated to organic principals in all aspects of our farm/lifestyle and making it as sustainable as we possibly can. Our current farm/shop is nestled on the Mid North Coast where we currently grow 190 varieties of seeds and propagate 400 varieties of plants on site. You are more then welcome to visit us and take part in our Self Guided Tour, browse through the nursery, see where we grow our seeds or just stretch your legs. We look forward to meeting you and hearing about your gardens.

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Bee Attractant Mix Aloe Vera
Beetroot Asparagus
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Cauliflower Chives
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Kale Geraniums
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Nursery Address: 109 Old Bar Road, Glenthorne, NSW, 2430

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