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Includes many heritage varieties suitable for home garden and commercial which provides a broader range of choices for gardeners and growers

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W.A. Customers - We no longer post any seeds to WA due to the quarantine restrictions imposed during 2013. It is not viable for Greenpatch to continue subsidizing the cost for WA orders. We apologize to any customers for the inconvenience.

Untreated seeds specifically refers to the seed being free of chemical fungicide, insecticide or rodenticide as a seed coating. Seeds sold in the untreated section are not grown organically. If you only want organic seeds please order from our "Organic Seed" section.

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  • Capsicum - Bogyiszlo

    Capsicum - Bogyiszlo

    (Capsicum annuum) - Untreated Seed Bogyiszlo Capsicum is a heirloom variety from Hungary. Hardy grower to 45cm high, fruit yellow, ripening to red. 8cm acros…


  • Capsicum - Californian Wonder

    Capsicum - Californian Wonder

    (Capsicum annuum) - Untreated Seed Californian Wonder Capsicum produces sweet fruit, cube shaped 10 cm, bell type, heavy producer use green or red, high in V…
  • Capsicum - Golden Californian Wonder

    Capsicum - Golden Californian Wonder

    (Capsicum annuum) - Untreated Seed Golden Cpasicum produces green fruit that turns golden to orange. Adds colour to salads and cooked dishes. Popular Summer …
  • Capsicum - Hungarian Yellow

    Capsicum - Hungarian Yellow

    (Capsicum annuum) - Untreated Seed Hungarian Yellow Capsicum produces long slender yellow sweet fruit to 12cm. 100 days to maturity. Popular Summer vegetable…
  • Capsicum - Purple Beauty

    Capsicum - Purple Beauty

    (Capsicum annuum) - Untreated Seed Purple Beauty Capsicum grows as a compact bush to 45cm high, fruit 13cm long and 8cm wide. Green fruit turning deep purple…
  • Capsicum - Sweet Banana

    Capsicum - Sweet Banana

    (Capsicum annuum) - Untreated Seed Sweet Banana Capsicum produces light yellow to red sweet peppers 6cm long x 1.5cm wide. Compact bushes to 60cm high. Early…
  • Carrot - All Seasons

    Carrot - All Seasons

    Daucus carota - Untreated Seed All Seasons Carrot is a excellent variety suitable for warmer climates or for growing during summer. Orange skin with a orange…


  • Carrot - Atomic Red

    Carrot - Atomic Red

    (Daucus carota) - Untreated seed Atomic Red Carrot is high in lycopene, red roots to 25cm long. Adds much colour to dishes. Holds colour when cooked. Popular…
  • Carrot - Baby

    Carrot - Baby

    (Daucus carota) - Untreated Seed Baby carrot is an ideal variety for shallow soils, harvest as young baby carrots. Orange root to 14cm, quick to mature. Popu…


  • Carrot - Cosmic Purple

    Carrot - Cosmic Purple

    (Daucus carota) - Untreated Seed Cosmic Purple carrot has smooth purple coloured skin with coreless orange flesh. 58 days to maturity. Popular root vegetable…
    Seed Packet $3.20
    Seed Packet $3.20


  • Carrot - Rainbow Mix

    Carrot - Rainbow Mix

    (Daucus carota) - Untreated Seed Rainbow Mix Carrot is a mix of long rooted carrots in colours of white, red, orange, purple and gold. A popular root vegetab…
    Seed Packet $3.20
    Seed Packet $3.20


  • Carrot - Scarlet Nantes

    Carrot - Scarlet Nantes

    (Daucus carota) - Untreated Seed Scarlet Nantes Carrot has bright orange-red root to 18cm, coreless variety. Very sweet flavour. Good for juicing and baby ca…


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