Celery - Tendercrisp

Celery - Tendercrisp
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(Apium graveolens var dulce) - Organic - AusQual Certified - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds

Tendercrisp celery is a popular variety with thick, crunchy, green stringless stems growing to 60cm high. It has a mild flavour in the right conditions or the flavour will intensify if grown a little tougher.

Pests may include slugs/snails. 

How to Grow

Celery likes rich well drained soil and ample water to ensure lush growth for a better textured stem. Sow seeds into pots and cover seed with 1-2mm of soil. Transplant to the garden at 3-5cm high and keep well fed. Harvest stems from 40 days as young stems. Allow to grow to full size after 80-90 days. Space plants 30cm apart. Ensure celery is planted in a fertile position to ensure lush green growth for best stems. To get super crunchy stringless stems it is recommended to blanch stems for 3 weeks prior to harvesting. Blanching is a simple process that restricts light getting to the stalks causing the plant to quickly elongate with soft new growth. To blanch simply tie the celery stalks into a tight bunch then wrap the lower 2/3 or the plant in 3-4 layers of newspaper so the top of the plant in the only part exposed to the sun. This can also be achieved with a used milk carton that has had the bottom and top of the carton cut out - Simply slip the carton over the celery plant for the same affect. Your tender celery stems will be ready to harvest in 2-3 weeks time.

Sow all year - Provide afternoon shade during hot weather

Sow into pots then transplant to garden at 5cm high

Seed packet contains 400 seeds

2500 seeds/gram.

120 days to maturity


Celery can be used fresh in salads, cooked or used to flavour soups, stocks and adding to bakes dishes. It can also be dried and ground into a power to make it available year round for general cooking use. 

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