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(Capsicum baccatum) - Organic - AusQual Certified - Grown at Greenpatch Organic Seeds

Bell chilli grows to 80cm and produces colourful lantern shaped fruit that are green ripening to red. Originating from south America it is also known as Aji Orchid. Provide protection against the frost and this variety can grow as a perennial for 5+ years

Heat level: 6/10

Chilli's are relatively pest free.

How to Grow

Chilli's are a fast growing annual/short lived perennial depending on the particular variety and your climatic conditions. In warmer climates or using hot houses in cooler climates chillis will grow as short lived perennials meaning you can get 2+ years from a chilli plant. Frost or cold winters will prevent this from happening and you will more then likely need to re-plant each season.

Chilli's like very fertile well drained soil in a sunny or part shade position. Sow seeds during late winter in a hot house or during spring & summer without a hot house. It's best to sow in pots, cover seed with 3mm of soil then transplant seedlings at 5cm to garden position space 80cm apart.

Caution handle seeds with care, may cause irritation.

Sow Spring-Summer

Sow in pots then transplant to the garden at 5cm tall

Seed packet contains approx. 30 seeds

120 days to harvest


Chillis have an array of uses being Ideal for adding heat to cooked foods, sauces and bottling. Bell chilli is a brilliant all rounder - The heat is in the seeds so they can be removed or used also depending on your needs. It has a sweet flavour making it very versatile for a range of different uses.

Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5

very well behaved plant

I am a beginner gardener but an expert at killing plants.. this little chilli is the best plant I ever had, it bravely gave me beautilul ( and quite spicy) fruits the first year, and it was more than productif the second year though it was only 40cm high!!! despite a cheaky mouse that ate the fruits when they were still green in spring summer, this little warrior still managed to issue 15 more flowers throughout the winter ( yes 15 I did count) and I collected the last one last week ( aka mid July) though this second batch was not spicy at all due to the lack of light..Florian Pasquier (27 Jul 2021, 19:35)
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