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Horticulturalists Neville and Sophia Donovan

Greenpatch has an extensive knowledge base that we can turn to when putting together our blog and newsletters. Neville, Sophia and Nick are all trained horticulturaists with plenty of in the field experience.  Neville and Sophia saw the broad use of pesticides and herbicides early on in their horticultural careers and saw the impact it had on their health and others around them. This was the start of a shift towards organics and inevitably the beginning of Greenpatch Organic Seeds.

Neville and Sophia's son Stami has 13 years experience working at Greenpatch and now owns the business, he has gained his knowledge from a heavy focus on growing, harvesting and cleaning the large array of seed crops produced on two farms.

Plants have filled all of our lives with an abundance of produce to eat and the joy of being bein surrounded by them.  

Below are our blog posts and newsletters from the past for you to browse through. We hope to inspire the sowing of a seed or planting of a plant so you to can see the abundance and joy that can come from gardening.

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