Organic Gardening

  • All About Apples

    All About Apples

    Allen Gilbert (144 pp) PB Includes care and cultivation. Varieties old and new, pruning, pest & disease management, propogation for home gardeners and small…
    $32.00 $27.20

    $32.00 $27.20

  • Asian Herbs & Vegetables by Penny Woodward

    Asian Herbs & Vegetables by Penny Woodward

    By Penny Woodward (137pp) PB A excellent guide to plants grown throughout Asia and how to use them. Includes a A-Z guide of varieties plus extensive informatio…
    $25.50 $21.67

    $25.50 $21.67

  • Attracting Butterflies To Your Garden

    Attracting Butterflies To Your Garden

    By Densey Clyne (110pp) PB There are practical ways of turning any garden, large or small, formal or informal, country or suburban, into a butterfly garden. …
    $23.50 $19.97

    $23.50 $19.97

  • Backyard Self Sufficiency

    Backyard Self Sufficiency

    Jackie French (196pp) PB Popular revised and updated edition. Provides practical information on how to create a diverse garden combining animals with food grow…
    $22.95 $19.50
  • Berry Bounty

    Berry Bounty

    Allen Gilbert (215 pp) PB Most berry fruits are suited to small gardens & pots. They are full of vitamins and antioxidents. Includes how to grow strawberries, …
    $29.95 $25.45

    $29.95 $25.45

  • Citrus


    Allen Gilbert (168pp) PB A comprehensive guide to organic management, propagation, pruning, pests, diseases, and harvesting. Includes all types of citrus. Colo…
    $29.95 $25.45

    $29.95 $25.45

  • Companion Planting In Australia

    Companion Planting In Australia

    Brenda Little (94pp) PB In this age of increasing hostility towards chemical control of the food we eat, Companion Planting is the ideal guide to working with …
  • Complete Book Of Fruit Growing in Australia

    Complete Book Of Fruit Growing in Australia

    Luis Glowinski (382 pp) PB Large range of fruit/nut trees, 250 photos, illust. A practical guide to propagation, selection, culture, uses, pests and diseases, …
  • Compost Book, The

    Compost Book, The

    The Compost Book by David Taylor - 2nd Edition 124 page Paper Back Make the most of your scraps with this all you need to know about composting. Including…
    $19.95 $16.95

    $19.95 $16.95

  • Earth Worms In Australia

    Earth Worms In Australia

    David Murphy (112 pp) Paper Back David Murphy's book is a comprhensive guide for farmers, gardeners & worm farmers. It will provide information with all you …
    $17.95 $15.25

    $17.95 $15.25

  • Easy Organic Gardening

    Easy Organic Gardening

    L. Bagnall - New Edition (512pp) PB A detailed guide to organics, from seed raising, composting, revitalising the soil, worm farming, pest control, planting b…
    $45.00 $38.25

    $45.00 $38.25

  • Food Plants of the World: An Illustrated Guide

    Food Plants of the World: An Illustrated Guide

    Ben-Erik van Wyk (480 pp) PB Descriptions of more than 350 food & flavour plants in use worldwide. This accessible, pictorial guide is a source of practical in…
    $79.95 $67.95

    $79.95 $67.95

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